作为CEE继电器NP800系列的重大改进,ICE推出了NP900系列。这一新的升级包括许多先进的功能,如作为标准的IEC 61850通信协议,一个大的图形显示,更广泛的测量范围和完全可定制的逻辑功能。该系列产品旨在保护所有类型的发电、工业、铁路、输电和配电网络。



Protection, control, measurement and monitoring IEDs

The optimal management of electrical power systems is based in particular on the reliability, availability and communication skills of protection, measurement and automation devices.
As a significant improvement over its NP800 range, ICE has introduced the NP900 series. This new range includes many advanced features such as IEC 61850 communication protocol as standard, a large graphical display, wider measurement ranges and fully customisable logic functions.
Our user friendly SMARTline (Setting, Measurement, Analysis, Recording, Time-saving) configuration software supports NP900s and includes SMARTsoft for NP800s, Railway and Regulation.
This range is designed for the protection of all types of Generation, Industrial, Railway, Transmission and Distribution networks.

NP F91050/51, 50N/51N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 49L, 87N, 50BF/52BF, 74TC, 79, 68, 86Current based feeder protection IED
NP F91550/51, 50N/51N, 67, 67N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 49L, 87N, 59, 27, 59N, 59P/27P/47, 81O/81U, 81R, 78, 32/37/32R, 50BF/52BF, 21FL, 60, 74TC, 25, 79, 68, 86Voltage & current based enhanced feeder protection IED
NP M91050/51, 50N/51N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 87N, 49M, 48/14, 66, 37, 51M, 50BF/52BF, 74TC, 86Current based motor protection IED
NP M91550/51, 50N/51N, 67N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 87N, 49M, 48/14, 66, 37, 55, 51M, 59, 27, 59P/27P/47, 59N, 81O/81U, 81R, 32/37/32R, 50BF/52BF, 60, 74TC, 86Voltage & current based enhanced motor protection IED
NP G91550/51, 50N/51N, 67, 67N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 87N, 59, 27, 59P/27P/47, 59N, 81O/81U, 81R, 40, 51V, 64S, 32/37/32R, 49M, 21, 24, 78, 50BF/52BF, 60, 74TC, 25Generator Protection IED
NPT 91687T, 87N, 49T, 50/51, 50N/51N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 50BF/52BF, 49L, 74TC, 86Differential Protection IED
NP TA91587N, 49T, 50/51, 50N/51N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 59, 27, 59N, 59P/27P/47, 24, 49L, 50BF/52BF, 60, 74TC, 90Voltage Regulating and back-up protection IED
NP V91159, 27, 59N, 59P/27P/47, 78, 81O/81U, 81R, 60, 74TC, 86Busbar voltage & frequency protection IED
NP S914
Alarming and Indication IED
NP BC91560, 74TC, 25, 79Bay Control IED
NP P91560Power Monitoring IED
NP E915Fault location / indication :
50N, 67N, 67NT, 50, 67, 21FL, 27, 59N
Energy Managment IED